Far West Detroit Civic Association

The Far West Detroit Civic Association (FWDCA) was established in 1957 for the purpose of promoting the interests, welfare, education, and safety of the residents within our neighborhood.

The FWDCA neighborhood includes the area of Northwest Detroit from Warren to Meadow Park and West Parkway to Parkland/Rouge Park.

what we do

Snow plowing

The FWDCA pays a private contractor for curb-to-curb snowplowing for major snowfalls (at least a few inches). The FWDCA contractor comes out soon after the snow stops and makes every effort to clear the entire street AND avoid leaving large amounts of snow in the intersections.

The City of Detroit MAY plow residential streets but the contractors are only required to make ONE PASS down the center of each street and can come up to 72 hours after the snow has fallen.

Wayne county or any other governemnt entity DOES NOT plow residential streets in Detroit.

Community meetings

The FWDCA holds community meetings several times per year that are open to everyone. At these meetings, the FWDCA along with elected officials and other invited guest speakers present information of interest to neighborhood residents

These meetings also provide an opportunity for residents to interact with City, County, and State level elected officials and other groups such as the Detroit Police Department to ask questions or voice concerns.

Neighborhood Picnic

During the summer, the FWDCA puts on a yearly picnic in Rouge Park for the neighborhood. This includes free food and activties for kids.


Doing so much for the neighborhood isn’t cheap! The FWDCA asks each household in the neighborhood to pay yearly dues of $25 per household to help pay for these services. That’s less than $2 per week!

Without people paying dues, the FWDCA may have to discontinue some of the things it does for the neighborhood, especially snow plowing. Think about the cost of missing even a day of work after it snows because you couldn’t get out of your driveway or to the end of your block. That’s probably a lot more than $25!

Ready to pay?

You can send a check for $25 to:

Far West Detroit Civic Association

P.O Box 40082

Redford, MI 48239

Feeling generous?

In a neighborhood with 1200+ homes, only a small fraction of households pay their dues even though everyone benefits from many of the services and activities provided by the FWDCA. One bad winter could severely impact the FWDCA’s ability to provide services in the future.

A handful of generous neighbors sometimes donate extra money above and beyond their dues to help the FWDCA. If you can afford to, please consider making a small donation above and beyond your dues. Even a couple dollars is greatly appreciated. You can send donations to the P.O. Box above or online using PayPal.





P.O Box 40082

Redford, MI 48239

Live in the neighboborhood?

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Nextdoor is a private network for residents of Far West Detroit. On Nextdoor, neighbors can post events and recommendations, share safety tips, offer things to share, and simply get to know one another better.