The Far West Detroit Civic Association neighborhood includes the blocks of Ann Arbor Trail and Joy Road between Parkland and West Parkway and also the section of West Parkway from Joy Road to Meadow Park. This is illustrated by the blue line on the map below.


Board Meetings - During the fiscal year, we hold monthly board meetings to talk over old business and introduce new business. Every resident is welcome to attend these meetings, which are held on the 2nd Wed. of each month at 7:00 p.m. At this time, we are in need of a regular meeting place.
General Meetings - There are two general meetings per fiscal year; one in October and one in May. The October meeting introduces the Board and presents candidates to be voted on for any open board positions. Guest speakers are on hand to provide useful information to our residents. The May meeting presents speakers of interest to our residents.


  • Snow Plowing
  • Hall & Refreshments for general meetings
  • Easter Egg Hunt (suspended- low membership)
  • Halloween Decorating Contest (Suspended-low membership)
  • Christmas Decorating Contest (Suspended- low membership)
  • Hot Line phone number - 563-6645


Our newsletter, titled “The Farwester”, is published every other month, Starting in September and ending in June. “The Farwester” includes neighborhood news, advertising for neighborhood businesses, a letter from the president, letters to the editor, minutes from meetings, and “The Yellow Page”, which allows members to advertise their services for free once a year.